University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

International Lead Generation

International enrollments are an increasingly important piece to the enrollment puzzle for many institutions, and the team at University of Pittsburgh at Bradford had a challenge: How can I enroll international students on a tight budget?


They had enough money for travel, but they could not make it to all of their key markets. They were also concerned that a few days in the market attending an event and visiting a handful of high schools was not nearly enough exposure to hit their goals.

Armed with a custom landing page from Halda Marketing, we hit their key markets with inquiry-focused paid media campaigns. We leveraged geo-targeted and interest enhanced social media ads to identify our target audience.

In past campaigns, the team had been left with data on impressions, clicks, and time-on-page never knowing for certain what exactly the paid media campaign had contributed to their enrollment. Not so with our collaboration.

55,000 Target Students Reached

4,083 Clicks 

7.5% Of Target Population

28 Unique Hand Raisers

2x Better Than Industry Standard CTR 

A unique hand raiser is different from general inquiries purchased from an English test provider. These students 1) saw and clicked on a unique ad for UPitt-Bradford, 2) reviewed the key value propositions on the custom landing page, and 3) were motivated enough to fill out a form to learn more.

These highly qualified inquiries convert 5x to 10x better than search names.

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