University of Chicago

Summer Program Boost

The University of Chicago has been running a successful summer program for high school students for years. They wanted to make sure that awareness amongst their target audience stays high. Our answer? Phones.


Almost 40% of Americans aged 18 to 35 report being almost constantly online according to a recent Pew Research survey. Halda helped design and deploy hyper-targeted ads to apps on student cell phones using the most accurate geo-fencing technology.

1 Million Impressions

Specifically Targeting Key High Schools



2x Better Than Industry Standard CTR 

Program Filled

The program was fully enrolled in record time.

We not only placed hyper-local ads around target high schools, but we took it one step further to retarget those same devices when they left our first geo-fence to go home, go shopping, or anywhere else they went. Our retargeting allowed us to deliver more impressions and drive more registrations.

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