Quinnipiac University

Defending Our Turf

As the population dynamics continue to change the recruitment professionals at Quinnipiac University knew that they needed to defend their home turf making sure that they were maximizing enrollments from their own backyard.


The team had done good foundational work to build relationships with high school counselors, and they made their annual visits. How could they make sure their brand was front and center during the weeks and months in-between though?

In the past, they had taken a "campaign" approach to digital marketing with 2-3 week sprints before or after certain events. With Halda's help, they devised an annual plan that communicated key information and value propositions seamlessly throughout the year.


Halda helped build a list of every high school within a 200 square-mile radius expanding their reach far beyond the schools the team was able to make personal visits to. High schoolers in the area now see consistent, but fresh, messages from QU during the 5+ hours a day they spend on their mobile devices.

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