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Stealth Lead Generation was implemented on our website during a critical pivot point in digital recruitment owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our research had confirmed that we were solid at attracting audiences to our website but did not have a mechanism in place to convert those visitors to engaged customers. Halda was able to deliver a strong lead generation offer that helped us start meaningful conversations. To date, 70% of our leads have submitted an application.  I’ve been in higher education marketing for 15 years and haven’t seen a tool yet with such rapid and relevant results. Thanks, Halda!

- Kandice King -

Director Graduate Enrollment

University of Rochester

Halda has been an excellent partner in executing Ursuline’s digital recruitment strategy. They have provided us a way to capture stealth prospects in real time, allowing us immediate follow-up with relevant content. In addition, they have provided us the marketing flexibility to support the launch of new programs with very short notice or react to competitive changes.

- Susan Dileno -

Vice President for Enrollment Management

Ursuline College

Halda is fantastic. The team is prompt and professional, and more importantly their solutions are proven. With Halda’s help, we were able to fill our MBA and EMBA classes.

- Jason Hall -

Recruiting & Marketing Manager


The team at Halda is creative, versatile, and can pivot very quickly. I appreciate the attention that my institution receives from them. It has been a pleasure to work with the Halda team, and the initial outcomes this year look very positive.

- James Baldwin -

Vice President of Enrollment Management

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Working with Halda was a true pleasure! Their expertise, creativity, and flexibility resulted in a very effective offer that ran on our centralized Graduate School website. The response exceeded expectations (23 apps & 9 admits in 30 days) and the customer service support was excellent!

- Kathleen Costello -

Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Clemson University

Halda has been a perfect fit for Marietta College as we have improved brand recognition and instituted new strategies for increasing leads on potential students. The Halda team consistently brings comprehensive strategies and ideas to the table that help us reach our goals in a timely and cost-effective way.

- Tom Perry-

Vice President for Communication & Brand Management

Marietta College

Working with Halda has been a no brainer. They are totally onboard with our goals and incredibly responsive. I pity the fool who doesn't work with them!

- Mr. T  aka Tim Panfil -

Senior Director of Graduate Admission and Enrollment Management

Elmhurst University

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Meet Your Un-Vendors

Lance has a passion for solving big problems; he's a firm believer in underdogs; and an ambassador for change. Lance loves skiing the slopes of Utah with his wife and kids and all things sports.

Founder & CEO

Lance Hydrick

Dallin drives strategy for our clients and has worked in both domestic and international student recruitment for years. When he is not helping devise marketing strategies for clients, he loves wrestling his kids and eating copious quantities of sushi.

Co-Founder, President & COO

Dallin Palmer

Jed has years of marketing experience in content creation and advertising and has a passion for getting things done! Jed is an avid advocate of mustaches (clearly) and enjoys listening to music that Lance and Dallin despise.

Account Manager

Jed Clawson

Alex has years of client success under his belt and loves helping potential partners see the Halda vision. He looks like Liam Hemsworth and is a proud Lakers fan, like it or not. Alex also claims he has the best ping pong game in Utah and is open to any challengers.

Business Development Manager

Alex Hughes

Jaden comes to Halda with years of experience in client relations and sales strategy. He understands that bringing energy to any project makes the difference. Jaden is still left handed and also enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Business Development Manager

Jaden Lindquist

Matt is the design and creative genius at Halda. He likes solving complex design problems and prides himself on delivering in the crunch. As an avid golfer Matt shoots low but doesn't rub it in too much when he beats you badly.

Design & UX Lead

Matt Dahlberg

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